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One Brick at a Time

Why is it that the road back is often longer than the original path?
I remember James who challenged a semi truck with his bicycle. Each morning I changed his wound dressing, and each day it got a little smaller. Of course, his wound originally appeared to split him in half vertically. I saw James walking back to the hospital for his appointment a few months later. He asked me if I remembered him. How could I ever forget?

The shearing force cuts deep to the skin,
Draws no blood but only tears from within,
Tomorrow a new life is born,
Today a life has been taken away,
Between the leaves of a shedding fall tree,
There are no answers, only memories.
Open your heart to feel reborn,
Close your mind and lose your spirit,
A messiah may hold all the answers,
A messiah cannot ask all of the questions.
The yellow brick road is laid one brick at a time,
And can only be shared with one person at a time,
Time is running out ...


               Co-director of the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center,
UF, McKnight Brain Institute

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